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What is provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college & career paths & enables educators to track their progress.

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In general, there are four different systems of higher education: 2-year institutions, public 4-year institutions, private 4-year     institutions, and vocational/technical schools.Nationwide, there are thousands of colleges offering a wide variety of degrees and majors. These include community colleges, state universities, and elite research institutions.

  • Compare Careers

    Choosing a career path is an important part of planning your future. One of the best ways to find the best career for you is to compare different careers, so you can choose what will be best for you and your future.

  • Benefits of California Community Colleges

    As you consider all your options for college, consider the California Community College (CCC) system. There are many benefits to community college, and some unique offerings that you will not find at other schools

  • Learn about Financial Aid

    Financial aid is money that helps pay for college. There are different aid sources based on your situation. Some aid is based on financial need, your income, and your family’s income while other aid is based upon merit.