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Four Year Colleges

California State University (CSU) Schools:

 The California State University (CSU) system includes 23 campuses throughout California that offer undergraduate and graduate studies.  Sniors may apply to the CSU's beginning October 1st and applications are due November 30th.  For more information about the CSU system, please visit the CSU website .

University of California (UC) Schools:

The University of California (UC) system includes 9 campuses that offer undergraduate and graduate studies, plus one campus (UCSF) that offers graduate studies. Seniors may apply to UC beginning November 1st and applications are due by November 30th.  For more information and the UC application, please visit the UC website.

Private and Independent Colleges:

Private and independent colleges are located throughout the country. Though tuition is much more expensive than public colleges in California (CSU and UC), private and independent colleges usually offer large financial aid packages, often making these colleges as affordable as (and sometime more) public colleges.  The majority of private and independent colleges allow students to apply through the Common Application website.   You can also find out more information about private and indpendent collegies at the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities .

University (a-g) Requirements

  • Social Science
    • 2 years required (10 credits World History and 10 credits US History/Government)
  • English
    • 4 years required
  • Mathematics
    • 3 years (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2)
    • 4 years recommended
  • Laboratory Science
    • 2 years required (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    • 3 years recommended
  • Language Other Than English
    • 2 years required
    • 3 years recommended
  • Visual and Performing Arts
    • 1 year required
  • College Prep Elective
    • 1 year required

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School Code

The school code for Tennyson for all applciations and for the SAT and ACT tests is: 051152

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