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Credit Recovery

About Cyber High

The Youth Enrichment Program (YEP), with a focus on reducing Hayward Unified School District’s drop-out rate, and improving the chances of its high school students’ graduation, purchased the Cyber High Credit Recovery Program in the Fall of 2008.

How Does It Work?
If a student has failed course work in a core day class, counselors may refer the student to Cyber High after-school classes to complete course work, test and recover credits for that subject. Students who are not successful during the regular school day may do well with the Cyber High Program because Cyber High, although aligned with the Content Standards and Frameworks of California, provides instruction of the computer that contains links to various web pages to enhance learning. Cyber High is a self motivated and self paced program reducing anxiety for struggling students.

Once students complete their course work and pass the required tests, they are exited from Cyber High. The Cyber High Program is not an alternative to core day curriculum and accountability to core day work. It is only as a last resort for students who need something more in order to graduate high school. Students who finish one Cyber High course and need to take an additional Cyber High course go back on the wait list.

IMPORTANT: Students who are absent 3 times (2 tardies = 1 absence) will be dropped from the program. After being dropped from the program, the student will be placed on the wait list until a spot becomes available for them.

How can I register for Cyber High?

Students must see their counselor for specific course recommendation prior to submitting paperwork.  The Cyber High Counselor Liaison will notify students and parents when the student will begin attending Cyber High.

Cyber High Courses


Algebra  A                    Algebra B
Geometry A                 Geometry B
Algebra 2A                   Algebra 2B

Language Arts
English 1A                     English 1B
English 2A                     English 2B
English 3A                     English 3B
English 4A                     English 4B

Environmental Science A    Environmental Science B

Biology A (not A-G)                  Biology B (not A-G)

Note: Other Science classes cannot be taken at Cyber High because they are lab courses and  Cyber High does not accommodate lab courses.

Health Education
Health Education
Health Education (Bilingual)

Social Science

World History A                   World History B
U.S. History A                       U.S. History A (Bilingual)
U.S. History B                       U.S. History B (Bilingual)

American Government       American Government (Bilingual)

Economics                             Economics (Bilingual)For all other credit recovery options, please see your counselor. 


How to enroll?

1. Meet with your counselor to review the class you need to take in cyber high.

2. Register for Cyber High

3. Wait until Cyber High Counselor contacts you to enroll in class. 

Cyber High logo

Who to Contact

Barcia, Melanie, YEP Site Coordinator

(510) 723-3190 x63105

Diana Vazquez, Cyber High Counselor Liaison

 (510) 723-3190 x63124

Adriana Chenault, Cyber High

Counselor Liason